Steph Curry accepted his second consecutive NBA MVP Award last night on stage along side his teammates and coach and his family watched from the front row.

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What makes this MVP even more special than the last is that Curry became the first NBA player in the history of the sport to win the award unanimously. Curry struggled with trying to find the words to explain how much this honor meant to him,

“I looked at the list of everyone who won the MVP award and they’re legends. To be the first unanimous MVP award winner, it’s something I don’t know how to put into words….I’m out here playing the game and doing what I love to do.”

Before Curry accepted his award, Coach Dell Kerr reminisced about a conversation he had with Curry’s parents back when he was in college at Davidson about Curry being good but severely undersized. At that time, they were not even sure he would make it to the NBA.

“How did all this happen in 9 years? This is incredibly improbable.”

Kerr credited Curry’s growth as a player to his determination, family foundation, confidence and his love for the game saying,

“There’s no agenda. It’s just ‘I want to get better.’ And everyday you come in and you work”.

Kerr closed his speech with a “Congratulations Steph. You’re amazing”.

Watch Curry’s full acceptance speech below.

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