Stevie Wonder seems to be healing quite nicely after mourning the death of Prince.

After an emotional interview with Anderson Cooper a few weeks back, where he got choked up discussing his late friend, Stevie made a light hearted joke to TMZ about how we all could mourn the loss of The Purple One:

“Many of us were able to make love to their music, make friendships … I think we should remember the things that were beautiful.”

That’s right, Mr. Wonder believes we should focus on the happier times with celebrities instead of focusing on [any] drama surrounding the death of a celebrity.

And of course, TMZ had to circle back on the “make love” comment Stevie made by asking:

“Did you ever make love to Prince’s music?”

To which Stevie smiled and replied:

“You think I didn’t?”

Alright now. Peep the video below.

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Samantha Callender is a multimedia journalist whose work ranges from entertainment journalism to pieces highlighting social issues in multicultural communities. Samantha strives to find intersects between entertainment and social matters, believing that pop culture has the power to not only entertain the masses, but to educate them as well. Her goal when storytelling is to write pieces that serve as a catalyst to prompt dialogue and activism. Her work can be seen on VIBE, The Source, Jet Magazine, The Root, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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