The infamous Michael Jordan meme face, that gets plastered on any and everything that remotely has anything to do with someone taking a loss, is here to stay.  The meme comes from Jordan’s induction speech into the NBA Hall Of Fame where the invincible icon, the same guy who scored 38 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assist, 3 steals, and one block in one of the greatest games in history and being called the “flu game” broke down on stage in a weeping somber.

Even though the meme comes from a joyous moment in Jordan’s life, in today social media society, the meme stands far greater. The meme is a great way to display an insult to one’s failure. In and article for the New Yorker magazine, writer Ian Crouch writes of depict the meme as a red flag on the great career of one of the greatest players in the game. To Crouch, the meme tarnishes the billion brand that Jordan has built.

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To us, the meme is far not that deep, the meme just represents something that is funny. The Jordan brand can never be tarnished because of a meme.


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