Carmelo Anthony gets involved in the tech business with Melo7 Tech Partners. Melo7 Tech is a firm that plans to “invest in and develop opportunities primarily in early stage digital media, consumer internet and technology ventures.” The New York Knicks star shares that it is not only about the money when it comes to tech but it is also a smart business venture.

“The money is enticing, but it’s also the thrill of being involved with businesses and companies that [are] changing the world today. Tech is changing the world in everything we do, whether it’s sports, fashion, music, regardless of what it is, tech is changing the world.”

Ideas that are in the works are wearable devices to provide information on team performance. Their ideas are not only geared toward sports, Anthony’s business partner Stuart Goldfarb also discussed virtual reality and augmented reality devices. Anthony admits that he is most excited about the fan involvement, “virtual reality could give fans at home an opportunity to experience a game as if they were courtside.”

Can’t wait to see these new tech devices!

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