Literally days after Angela Simmons announced her engagement, rumors have circulated that she is pregnant by her fiancé. Simmons has added fuel to the fire for various reasons: In two videos posted to Simmons’ Instagram, fans claim to see a small, but growing baby bump. In one of the videos, she’s seen doing the Running Man Challenge and her back is strategically facing the camera.

Also, the mogul who is known best for showing off her athletic body in gym clothes and in club wear, has taken a looser fit when it comes to her attire lately. Poses where it looks as if she’s purposely covering her midsection has caused fans to call her out for allegedly rushing to get engaged to “save face” for the pregnancy (Simmons has always claimed to be celibate).

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Well, paparazzi found Simmons at LAX airport on Friday afternoon (May 13) and asked her to clear up these rumors about the pregnancy once and for all. Her reaction? “I’m NOT confirming anything.” When asked more about it, she laughed it off.

What say you? Do you guys think Anglea is pregnant or just having fun with the rumors? Check out the videos and pics below and let us know! Folllow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook, here.

And another one @thebestdamntrainer @fitness360nyc !!! workout mixed with cardio intervals !!! ✔️

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