Drake returned to SNL as both the host and musical act and he did not disappoint. In his opening monologue Drizzy focused on the thousands of memes that circulate the internet on a daily bases.

He created a song about how people only “love him for the memes,” during his opening monologue, he even put on a wig and imitated Rihanna addressing their relationship status to the tune of “Work.” After that, he transformed into characters like a high school chaperone, a political advisor, and a contestant on Black Jeopardy throughout the show. All in all Drake appeared in seven skits throughout the show.

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He even poked fun of his Grammy-nominated diss track “Back to Back,” by making up a couple of bar towards the SNL casemates he felt were being disrespectful towards him. Check all of his SNL skits below and above.

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