Playas gonna play, and Azealia Banks is gonna Azealia Banks. After been banned from Twitter, kicked off a UK festival and possibly banned from the UK all together, Azealia Banks is now in an apologizing mood.

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“Allowing my anger to get the best of me, I’ve managed to insult millions of people without reason,” Azealia wrote in her paragraph. “And for that I give my deepest apologies.”

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This was after a week of faux apologies and essays, but it appears as if those aren’t sincere because not too long after she gave her 2016 apologies, she was back at it again insulting Skai on multiple photos and calling her a “coon in training.” SMH. It might be over for Banks. She’s super talented for sure, but her constant insults to other celebs and fans are over the top and extremely offensive. Mama needs to take a year break from social media and come back anew, because this isn’t working. Read her apology and latest round of insults below.


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