Social media really does rule the world. It can help and it can hinder you, depending on how you utilize it. Three black female lawyers used it to their advantage.

According to Black Enterprise, Keli Knight, Yondi Morris and Jessica Reddick all came together over a tweet on Twitter. After tweeting about her frustrations at her then current law firm, Morris contacted Knight about possibly starting their own firm. Both Morris and Knight then sat down with Reddick to further discuss their idea and a year later in 2012, KMR Law Group was founded.

Nearly four years later, KMR has expanded to commercial and resident real estate, corporate and entertainment law and mediation. They already have locations in Chicago and Los Angeles and is currently in the process of opening a Washington D.C branch.

Morris, Knight and Reddick are the perfect example of if you aren’t happy with your current situation, create a new one and that’s exactly what they did.


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