As Lil Kim is gearing up for the Bad Boy reunion tour, her lawyers are in a fight to keep her house.

Bossip reports that the legendary Notorious K.I.M. is close to being put out of her Bergen County, NJ mansion after she stopped paying the mortgage. HSBC Bank sued Kim to foreclose on the mansion back in 2010, but Kim managed to hold off the foreclosure until late last year, when a judge put her in default.

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Court documents reveal that she bought the mansion in 2002 for 2.2 million dollars with a $1.6 million mortgage and agreed to make payments close to $10k a month. In 2009, she began to miss payments and eventually stopped paying all together.

Kim and her lawyers have been trying to save the house via mediation with the bank. During their last meeting with HSBC in March, the two parties couldn’t come to an agreement, so they’re all due back in for another mediation meeting next month. HSBC wants full possession of the mansion, damages and their court costs paid. If the two do not come to an agreement Kim’s house (estimated to be worth $3 million) will be auctioned off.

Last year, the IRS hit Kim with a federal tax lien for $126,805 in back taxes for her income from 2010 through 2013.


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Source: Bossip

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