23 years ago, Snoop Dogg wasn’t the fun-loving, weed smoking rapper that would two step with your grandma to “Beautiful” or “Drop it Like it’s Hot.” He was painted as the poster child of “gangsta rap” thanks to a shooting incident in 1993 that left one man dead. Snoop Dogg was fighting for his freedom when he and his bodyguard McKinley Lee were charged with the murder of rival gang member Phillip Woldermariam. Snoop was driving the car during the incident in which Lee shot Woldermariam in self-defense. After three years, one album named after the ordeal and a legendary VMA performance professing his innocence, Snoop was acquitted on all charges.

Now a new television show called “Rich And Acquitted” will revisit the infamous court case as well as many celebrity cases where the celeb was ultimately found not guilty. The Snoop Dogg episode of Rich And Acquitted is in the middle of filming and has caused a minor disturbance in the neighborhood.

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TMZ reports:

The tranquility at a San Fernando Valley park was shattered by what sounded like gunfire, sending picnickers and others scrambling for cover … but it was all just a reenactment of an infamous murder case that put Snoop Dogg in the defendant’s chair.
It happened last week at Tarzana Park. A scene was being shot for the docuseries “Rich and Acquitted,” putting the spotlight on the 1993 shooting death of gang member Philip Woldemariam. Snoop, who was in a rival gang, was tried for murder and acquitted.
We’re told cops were aware blanks would be fired in the park to reenact the murder, but apparently the memo didn’t get out to people who were strolling around.

“Rich And Acquitted” will also cover the trials of O.J. Simpson, R. Kelly, and Michael Jackson. The show will premiere this September on the Reelz network.

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