Beyonce’s new clothing line, Ivy Park, released via Topshop, is being accused of being made in a sweatshop.


According to The Sun, a 22-year-old seamstress from Sri Lanka who worked on the line said she only made $6.17 a day. She also told the magazine that she stayed in a 100 room boarding house and all they do is “work, sleep, work, sleep.”

Page Six reports that the Acadia Group, the company who owns Topshop, has said that they have strict rules for their suppliers:

“When customers buy our goods, they have to be sure [the products] have been made under acceptable conditions. That means not exploiting the people who make them.”

While The Sun does acknowledge that the sweatshop is not breaking any laws and all the employees make more than the country’s minimum wage, it quotes Jakub Sobik from a group called Anti-Slavery International saying that, “This is a form of sweatshop slavery.”

Beyonce’s camp has yet to comment.

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Source: The Jasmine Brand 

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