Looks like Kim Kardashian won’t let the haters of her nude selfies stop her. At the 2016 Webby Awards the reality star said in her award speech that she is for nude selfies for life.

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The Webby awards is an award show celebrating all great things of the internet. So ofcourse Kim Kardashian won this year’s ‘Break the Internet’ award for her nude selfie she posted last year. As a custom for the Webby Awards, the winners of the award can only do 5-word long award speeches. So to keep it simple and sweet Kim’s award speech went, “Nude selfies until I die.”

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Kim’s nude selfie was definitely big controversy as the point of attention seeking and empowering women was argued over the reasoning for the selfie. But whether Kim did the picture for self promotion or self motivation, she accomplished rattling the entire world’s feathers for a brief period. Kim’s picture is still making waves this year as an Australian artist even painted a 30-foot mural on the side of a wall of a print shop to commemorate the picture.

Maybe Kim’s nudes are art after all.

Do you want more nude selfies from Kim?

Watch the video of her acceptance speech below.

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