On Tuesday, a judge ordered Master P  to fork over almost $1 million to his ex-wife, Sonya Miller. Master P and Sonya have been in a ongoing legal battle over child and spousal support. According TMZ, the judge has ruled in Sonya’s favor and Master P has been ordered to pay his ex-wife $825k.

The judge directed Master P to give Sonya the money he earned from his reality show “Master P’s Family Empire.” The $825k will cover child and spousal support payments and also future support. Reportedly, Sonya claims that Master P kicked her and their four children out of his mansion. She also states that she had to depend on public assistance to remain afloat.

Originally, Master P was suppose to pay $10k a month in child support and 16k in spousal support. However, earlier this year Master P requested that the amount to be lowered because he claimed to not be making the same amount of money he was making in the 90’s.  Yesterday, Master P was also directed to pay Sonya’s legal team $15k.

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