Mathew Knowles has decided to challenge singer Kelly Rowland to a “group off” aka a musical challenge between both their new girl groups.

Kelly has been getting ready to tell the world who’s she’s chosen to be in her all girl group via BET’s show “Chasing Destiny”. Mathew wants to see if they’re the real deal. As you know, he was the Destiny’s Child manager, and is now the girl group Blushhh’s. He and the girls recently stopped by the Tom Joyner morning show and during so he challenged Kelly and her new group to a “group off” with the ladies of Blushhh!


The groups are a bit different though. Blushhh is made up of two rappers and a singer, with Mathew describing them as

“Destiny’s Child meets TLC meets MC Lyte”

He also said on the show that the girls are taking lessons from the same person that  Beyoncé, Kelly and Solange had as a vocal coach at one point. As the conversation continued, Mathew brought up Kelly’s new show:

“Kelly is coming out with Chasing Destiny and I know all about it because we had to negotiate the title of the show because I own that trademark. But, I always say ‘Kelly, I look forward to your group….whenever you put it together, take your time…cause I wanna come somewhere with Tom Joyner and I wanna have a group off! A group off with whoever your group is and with Blushhh music.”


He then had to add:

Just remember, you’re the teacher, I’m the student.

They both obviously know about this industry and how to put together a girl group…But let’s see who’s group could win the challenge! Check him calling Kelly out below:

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