It seems that Tyga fans will be spending a pretty penny on his new clothing line called Burlon X Tyga.  The clothing line price ranges from $285 to $1,285.  Although the price for his collection is steep, it seems to be selling out quickly.  Tyga also justifies the high price and says people are going to buy it because it’s “art.”

“It’s an art, you know? “You’re selling the dream. And it’s like, ‘What is someone willing to pay for this art?’ I justify the price with what I feel my worth is. It’s like, ‘Yo, do you love me that much? Do you understand my art that much that you’re willing to pay?’”

Tyga partnered with Italian designer Marcelo Burlon on the collection.  The line consist of T-shirts, hoodies, and shorts. The collection can be found only at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Source:Refinery 29


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