Tuesday, May 17 marked an entire year since Chinx was killed in his hometown of Far Rockaway, Queens. Can you believe it?

Multiple services were held to honor the late rapper’s memory that night, including a vigil at the corner where his life was taken. Chinx‘s mother was in attendance and spoke with FOX 5’s Lisa Evers, and expressed great displeasure with both French Montana and Diddy, who worked closely with Chinx before his passing.

“[Diddy and] French Montana need to come out to see me. They ain’t said nothing to me since my child been dead,” she said. “Even when my child was dead, they wouldn’t say nothing to me.”

She added that she feels disrespected by them not giving her answers, and then discussed a conversation she’d had with French at Chinx‘s funeral, which can be interpreted various ways:

“At the funeral, only thing French said to me – I asked French, ‘Why did y’all do that to my child?’ He said, ‘Because he wouldn’t listen.’ And I told French, ‘You’re not his father, but I’m his mother.’ That’s what I said to French, and there were no more words after that.”

I think what she’s trying to say here is that she feels French and Diddy should have protected her son more, and French explained that they tried to keep him out of the hood, but he wouldn’t listen. In an interview with Ebro In The Morning in August of 2015, French spoke on the loss for the first time, and revealed he’d been trying to get Chinx to come to LA the weekend he was killed, and he refused.

French also spoke on his contact with Chinx‘s family, and said he touches base with his widow, Janelli Pickens, here and there, but his real relationship is with Chinx‘s brother. He added:

“I just feel like, if I don’t have a certain relationship with a certain person while Chinx was alive, I’m not gonna act like I’m having a certain relationship after he’s dead.”

Do you think French is wrong for not being in contact with Chinx’s mom? Check out the clip below, and let us know your thoughts!

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