On Wednesday, Haitian students were sent home for wearing Haitian Flag at Immokalee High in Collier County, Florida. May 18th is also Haitian Flag Day which is a day of celebration for the Haitian culture. A group of students came to school with the haitian flag displayed on their shirts which is considered a violation of the school’s district Student Code of Conduct.  The code states that students are not allowed to wear or display flags unless they are the the United States flag, the POW-MIA flag, the State of Florida flag and official school flags.

According to Immokalee High school, they support the holiday but feel that it’s a disruption to the learning environment. “Last year, 200 students started singing and blaring music in the middle of lunch. 200 kids running through a school on a testing day is not a demonstration, it is a disruption. At the end of the day, we’re a learning institution.” In addition, students were suspended for refusing to change their shirts.

Watch the Immokalee students respond below.

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Source: NY Daily News


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