The mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee is playing no games when it comes to cleaning up the city. He ordered for the resignation of police chef Greg Suhr hours after the fatal incident where a police officer shot a young black woman, 27, in the head on Thursday.

Suhr’s resignation comes months after other whirl wind of events transpired including another shooting and a text scandal where he failed take substantial action against the officers involved in each incident.  In December five officers were caught on video shooting a young black man name Mario Woods nearly twenty times as he was wielding a knife and then in April some racists and homophobic texts between three officers were leaked according to the Associated Press. On both incidents Suhr seemed to do little to nothing at all in remanding the officers and now the city of San Francisco has had enough of his laxed style of disciplinary measures.

It’s been reported that the woman who is unidentified was unarmed when she was sitting behind the wheel of an alleged stolen car when the shooting took place early Thursday. USA Today says Mayor Lee broke news at a press conference Thursday afternoon and that Deputy Chief Toney Chaplin, of 26 years, is now the acting chief of police.

During the press conference Mayor Lee made a statement saying,

“The progress we’ve made has been meaningful, but it hasn’t been fast enough – not for me, not for Greg. That’s why I have asked Chief Suhr for his resignation. And in the best interest of the city he loves so much, he tendered his resignation earlier today. Despite the political rhetoric of the past few weeks, I have nothing but profound admiration for Greg. He’s a true public servant, and he will always have my respect.”

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