Lil Scrappy gave credit to Donald Trump over the weekend for “speaking his mind”.

TMZ caught up with the newly engaged couple, Lil Scrappy and Bambi, to get there thoughts on the presidential candidates. While Scrappy did not reveal who he was voting for, he did offer this thoughts on Hillary and Donald.

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When it comes to Hillary, he said that she is passionate about the same issues as he is. “I’mma tell you I like Hillary cause she a Democrat,” Lil Scrappy said. “She stand for some of the shit I stand for. You feel me?

When it came to Trump, he says that he likes that he speaks his mind. Scrappy said, “Damn, Trump. He saying some real shit. Build up a mothafuckin’ wall, cuz. But I like my migos. I love Mexicans. I love all the races. But I just like that Trump speak his mind. But I’m definitely gon’ keep my vote to myself.”

Wait a second Scrappy, when it comes to “speaking our mind”, we all know how much trouble that can land us in. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you should say it. If we all spoke everything we felt whenever we wanted, it would be a war zone, especially when your hurling off racist and misogynist remarks.

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