In a recent interview Bobby Shmurda sits down with GQ to discuss legal battles and future plans.  Bobby shared that he has two movies in the works, one of the films will tell his life story.“That’s going to be a fiction story about this whole experience. I gotta say fiction, though. It’s going to be a fiction story.”

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Bobby also claims that his raps are being used against him and his rap persona is all a part of an act. “Everything I rap about, it’s just entertainment. Makes people think every word I say is true.”

It was also mentioned that Bobby’s label, Epic Records attempted to keep him out of trouble by settling him in apartment in Florida and getting him to record music in Los Angeles.  However, Bobby always found his way back to Brooklyn to be with his crew.

Currently, Bobby is in protective custody at Rockland County Correctional Center where is allowed to come out of his cell 75 minutes each day.  The 21-year-old rapper trial date has been delayed a total of four times and was denied bail at least seven times. In addition, he is suing the New York City Police Department for allegedly false arrest.

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