Just 24 hours after Fat Joe released the official “All The Way Up” remix featuring Jay Z, Meek Mill released his own featuring Brooklyn’s own Fabolous.

Were there Drake shots on here? Yeah, sure. It’s almost like Meek is baiting Drake for another round.

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“This is Hip Hop, you ain’t write it don’t record it. I don’t know how they getting down across the border.”

“Views from the projects, n***a I’m the prospect”

“I was on the block when you was a sneakerhead”

“When the internet told me I’m crucified, they was in the streets, like N***a you Super Live!”

Meek also wanted the world to know he’s had the Hov influence without using him for sales:

“Only rapper to go gold without a verse from Hov.”

Drake and Hov have been known to take subtle shots at each other. Is this Meek pledging his allegiance to Hov and getting back at his arch nemesis? Check it out below and let us know. Dreamchasers 4 is coming soon.

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