Nia Guzman and Chris Brown went back to court this week over the custody of their daughter Royalty. Reportedly, Guzman wanted full custody of their daughter, due to Brown’s alleged drug use and gang affiliation, but a judge denied it.

TMZ reports that Nia also wanted a court-appointed monitor for Chris and Royalty’s visits, plus she wanted to reduce his time with their daughter. Instead, the pair will continue to have joint legal and physical custody. Chris will continue to have Royalty 12 days a month unmonitored.

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Nia‘s is still pushing for more child support. She currently gets $2,500 a month, but wants $16k, that wasn’t a part of Tuesday’s hearing, and will be handled in another hearing.

After the story made its news rounds, Guzman took to social media to clear some things up:

“#LIES! There is no big victory when it comes to children,” Nia wrote on Instagram, in response to TMZ’s headline. “I never I REPEAT NEVER wanted or have tried to take our child away! And NEVER WILL. All that was asked is a set NANNY in place. IN WHICH WE BOTH WOULD of agreed upon. I went for this because ONE individual VERY close to the situation advised me MOTHER TO MOTHER. That I needed monitors and drug testing and random house visits.”

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Guzman claims that members of Brown’s family tipped her off about Brown’s drug use, but when she looked to them to testify in court, they bailed on her.

Chris and Nia are back at it again with the messy parenting. Hopefully they can remember that Royalty comes first and go back to co-parenting. Peep the full post below.

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Source: TMZ

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