GQ’s launched their 3rd season of Most Expensive Sh** with rapper 2 Chainz and “the biggest pipe in the world” taking a hit from a $50,000 bong. The event was dubbed the “most expensive dab sesh.”

The season has 19 more episodes to go and it’s promises unnecessarily expensive goods like a $295 hamburger and a $10,000 martini. 2 Chainz has appeared in previous seasons of the show where he showed off a pair of two million dollar diamond encrusted shoes and a $25,000 panama hat. Marijuana industry heavy hitters Dr. Dina and Adam III were around to help 2 Chainz out with over $500,000 worth of smoke.

What did 2 Chainz have to say about the half a million dollar session, “That’s some evil get high s***. Man, that’s some get high evil s***. Man, that’s some real white people s*** right there.”

Source: Complex 

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