Fat Joe talks about his summer hit “All The Way Up” and how he got Jay Z to do a verse on the remix with The Fader.  Fat Joe shared that he has worked with some of the best lyricist in the rap game from Kanye West to Eminem and thought it would be monumental to work with Jay Z. It was through N.O.R.E. and Memphis Bleek that Joe got in contact with Jay. Joe said, “Yo, I would love for you to be on the remix.” And Jay responded, “I can’t wait, let’s do it.”

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Joey Crack also stated that they both have put their issues in the past and have reconciled. He also shared that having Jay do the remix was bigger than the both of them because they did it for the Hip Hop culture.  “Because I’m not going to be rapping much longer. Jay and me both came up on hip-hop culture. We’re businessmen now. We took different roads, but we’re real hip-hop.”

Earlier this week, the “All The Way Up” remix was debuted at a Yankees game.  The track has been released exclusively on Tidal.  Also, this week Meek Mill and Fabolous released their version of the hit as well.

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Source:The Fader


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