It is no secret that Hollywood lacks diversity and has for since the very beginning. All things come to a boiling point and this year, the #OscsrsSoWhite movement was launched after the nominees where released and it’s more than apparent that the minority presence lacked.

On the fourth season of PBS’ Variety Studio: Actors On Actors series, they say down with Kerry Washington and Aziz Ansari to discuss the diversity issue in Hollywood, more specifically the TV industry.

While they were on the topic, Washington and Ansari got right to it and stated that it isn’t just Hollywood that’s “so white”, it’s every industry. Ansari sited an article be read in the New York Times about the gatekeepers of each industry and they are all white. Washington read the same article adding in, “It came out after ‘Oscars So White’ and I loved that they did it because there was all this attention on Hollywood, but it was like no, no, no, every industry is so white.”

Moving forward, Ansari offered this solution for people who are in a position to make immediate change, “Now we’re in a position to help other people and in Season Two, I’ve been like, I gotta find – I gotta do just even more – and find even more actors of color and writers of color.” He also have props to Chris Rock for a being a catalyst in diversifying Hollywood staying, “think it’s really important. It’s kind of a responsibility we have once we kind of get to a certain place to look out for people.”

Source: Rolling Stone 

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