The Late Heavy D last film works have just been greenlighted to start production. Producer Gordon Bijelonic confirms that the film is its developing stages. The project is a police thriller titled  “Crossed,” which was written by the late rapper/actor Dwight “Heavy D” Myers and Avery O. Williams.

Bijelonic announced the new project Tuesday (May 25th), on what would have been the rapper’s 49th birthday. Heavy D’s daughter, Xea Myers, will executive produce the film

The Film which was written with the late rapper in mind to play the lead role before his untimely death back in 2011. The film is based on a gritty NYPD detective who jeopardizes his life and career when he crosses legal and moral lines to bring a drug kingpin to justice.

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Heavy D who’s real name was Dwight Myers was prepping for the role by losing weight and acting in a play before passing away, In a statement producer Bijelonic said,“It’s a way to celebrate the legacy of a great man, and another way for Hev, years after his passing, to continue to take care of his daughter that he loved so much. Hev was loved by the entire community.”

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