Business heavyweight turned overnight politician, Donald Trump, looks like he will be taking the Republican nomination home.

According to Associated PressTrump has secured 1,239 delegates of 1,237 necessary to lock down the nomination. The difference maker happened right after the Washington primary on May 24.

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Many are saying the road has been easier due to Ted Cruz dropping from the race at the top of the month, but now the question is are the members of the GOP pleased with this outcome.

The response to the support of his campaign has rolled in slowly but surely – but, they will need to pull all the way through to put an end to the speculation.

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Summer 16 will be busy for him as well, seeing as though June will be when California and four more states will hold primaries.

In July, at the Republican National Convention, the party’s nominee will be officially announced. We wish Trump the best of luck in his endeavors – this should DEFINITELY be an interesting reality show/campaign trail until November.

Check out how Donald reacts to the news:

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