Nia Guzman and Chris Brown’s petty can’t stop and won’t stop. After the week long drama in court, Guzman sat down for a candid interview about co-parenting, legal battles, and the public confrontation with Chris Brown over Royalty’s ballet photo.

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Guzman started the interview stating that the co-parenting situation with former good friend, Brown has been “quite the experience.” She claimed the experience isn’t the best since the world found out about Royalty. “I can’t say anything positive about it….at all. Nothing positive,” she said.

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However, she claimed she saw it coming since Brown is young and wild, with a “bad boy persona.” Because of his persona, the two of them initially agreed to keep the news of baby Royalty private. But, since the news broke, the two have been at odds publicly. The two have feuded publicly about Chris allegedly lying about using protection (why do we know this?), taking her option to decide if she wanted his child, as well as her accusations of Momma Brown’s allegedly telling her all about the Chris’ drug abuse. It has been a mess.

The latest beef happened after Guzman posted a photo of Royalty in her ballet outfit, which was cute to some and Chris Brown and several others inappropriate to others. Guzman didn’t see the big deal, and couldn’t understand the backlash. Guzman claimed she would have rathered Brown contact her via telephone, but matched his petty by clapping back on social media. “After that comment, I don’t think there’s going to be any good in talking, so we just don’t.”

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Guzman went on to discuss her court issues with Brown. She still claims that she did not try to take full custody from Brown. She claims she only went to court to set a nanny in place for the days that Royalty is with her dad.

“I just want to have Royalty in a safer home. I would want it to be not leave to dad, not be in a mansion, and huge playrooms and backyards and TV rooms, and then she comes home with me and you know, she’s in a small apartment. I just want to keep her balanced. He feels like she should have everything when she’s with him, and limited when she’s with me. I don’t think that is okay, at all.”

At the end of the interview, Guzman wanted everyone to know there is, “nothing hateful, ill or malicious” in her intentions. She wants the best for everyone, especially her daughter.

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