Last week, a video of Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders entering a rally IN Lancaster, CA set the internet on fire, as it appeared that he’d walked out to DMX’s hit song, “Where The Hood At?”

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The clip went viral after Twitter user @Edwinprime shared it on the social network, even prompting a response from The Dog himself, that read:

“When God shows up he shows out.”

Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. Turns out, Edwin made the viral clip as part of a social experiment of sorts. In an emailed statement to Billboard, he explained:

“Standing in the crowd waiting for Senator Sanders can lead to daydreaming, and it did just that. It started with thinking how funny it would be if I edited a video to make it seem as if Bernie walked out to DMX, but after waiting a bit longer, I decided I’d turn it into a social experiment.”

“Everyone seems to be very easily fooled by anything they see on the Internet. On one end we have a majority of the Twitter community going crazy and some going as far as even saying they’re ‘switching allegiances’ and ‘I was never going to vote but this just changed my mind’ to some people in the LGBT community saying they knew all along that Bernie Sanders is a ‘gay basher’ and to be honest, if I wanted that to be the message the song would have started completely different. Instead, what we hear is ‘Where the hood at?’ At the end of it all, I wanted to show the world that politics are not something to fool around with and to prove it, I faked this video.”

“Bernie has always made it a point that the youth needs to get more involved in the political process, and as funny as it may be that DMX’s ‘Where the Hood At?’ might have swayed them into doing so, it’s still very disappointing at the same time. I’ve observed each candidate very closely, and regardless of what people may think of Bernie Sanders and their stance politically, there’s no denying he is a man of the people, and there is more than enough evidence to prove that. With all that being said, I hope everyone realizes that we still live in the real world, not the Internet.”

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Bernie’s camp has since released the real video, noting that while he didn’t enter to X’s song, he did enter to “epic cheers from the crowd.”

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