Florida’s State Attorney has found police officer, John Tadlock, not guilty in the death of 57-year-old Barbra Dawson, who died in police custody after being denied medical attention.

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On December 20, 2015, Dawson was admitted into a Florida hospital following complaints of lower abdominal pain. Dawson was later taken into police custody, after she had reportedly become uncontrollable with hospital staff and denied to leave the facility. In the dash cam video, you can hear Dawson being taken off an oxygen tank, where she pleads for hospital staff to assist her. Despite constantly telling the officer she could not breathe and needed serious medical attention, Tadlock handcuffed Dawson and continued to put her into the back of his squad car. Dawson collapsed moments later, with Tadlock and other hospital workers leaving her unattended, thinking she was faking the collapse. A doctor attended Dawson 20 minutes following her collapse and readmitted her to the hospital, where she died the following morning from a blood cot located in her lungs.

According to reports, Florida State Attorney Glenn Hess found no foul play in the the officer’s actions, claiming that Tadlock’s actions “were appropriate under the circumstances and there was no criminal law violation.”

Blounstown Police Chief Mark Mallory stated that the officer was following the doctors’ orders to remove Dawson from the premise.

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