50 Cent has been an avid Troy Ave supporter for the last few years. The two have been compared to each other throughout Troy’s career and 50 appeared on “Bang Bang” which was featured on Troy’s album, Major Without a Deal.

50 made a statement about Troy Ave’s involvement in a concert shooting at Irving Plaza and says that he supports Troy Ave, who is claiming self-defense after video showed him shooting into a crowded room of the building.

“Self Defense thats more like it now,” 50 writes for the caption of Troy Ave being escorted in a wheelchair. “Hold ya head TROY. See how the story change.”

50 Cent also posted a video of his song with Troy Ave, “Bang Bang” to show his solidarity.

Troy Ave was released from ghe hosptial and into police custody where he pled not guilty to attempted murder. During his court appearance, attorneys for the Brooklyn rapper said their client acted in self defense. They claimed a surveillance video that the prosecution was using to build its case, only shows a piece of the story and does not properly represent what occured that night.

Self Defense thats more like it now. Hold ya head TROY. See how the story change

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