Fresh on Tampa Bay’s music scene, Brilly Asher transformed himself from a kid obsessed with Anime to a thought provoking songwriter. Not only is he a sponge to the culture that surrounds him all over the Bay area but he also has a lot to teach himself. The Photogragher/Rapper wears his emotions on his sleeve in his first music video called “Rise”.

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“Rise is about the recognition of hardships, pain, & struggles. By realising this and becoming, not okay with it, but at peace with your current position within your life’s journey you then are able to channel that energy n emotions into a tool used to push thru or climb out of your lowest points. Instead of using your struggles as an excuse to become depressed, or angry or become a victim, use your pain as a reason to inspire others who may be going thru the same thing & to Rise out of any negative situation.”

– Brilly Asher


Check out Brilly Asher’s “Rise” below and let us know what you think. Hot or Not?

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comments (4)

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