Jessica Smith is the first of the four women is are mothers of Future’s four children. In the mist of Future’s ongoing legal battle with Ciara, Jessica Smith has slid in and filed suit against Future for more child support.

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Jessica and Future have a son that was born in 2002, the DS2 rapper was paying $1,662 a month based off his claim he brought in $16k. She previously took him to court for an increase in support, to which they settled on $2,800 a month moving forward.

Now Jessica wants more, citing Future’s music career positively taking off, resulting in an increase in income.

Per The Jasmine Brand:

[Jessica] accuses Future of neglecting their son and failing to maintain a meaningful, loving relationship with him. Jessica claims that their son suffers from emotional and behavioral issues stemming from Future’s neglect as a father, coupled with the exposure of his father’s grandiose lifestyle in the media. As a result their son is in need of behavioral and clinical therapy to address the emotional trauma that he is suffering due to him under-performing in school and is in need of specialized tutoring.
On top of the increase in child support, Jessica is also requesting her attorney fees be paid. Future has yet to respond to the allegations in court.

Jessica is also requesting for Future to pay her attorney fees as well, Future has not responded as of yet.

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