The NYPD issued a statement last night to update the masses on the status of the investigation of last week’s shooting at a T.I. concert in New York City. They told us that there was new information on the guns found at the scene, social media is helping the cops, and how rapper Maino was officially cleared of any responsibility in the shooting.

The cops were investigating Maino along with suspicions from others since he and Troy Ave’s camp had a history of beef. The day after the shooting Maino cleared his name stating that he and suspect Troy Ave have been in good standing with one another as of late.

News broke that detectives are now looking into the idea that Troy Ave wasn’t the only shooter. Although ballistics tests have confirmed that each of the bullet casings found belonged to one gun, a 9-mm. That is the gun believed to be used by Troy Ave. Police are now playing around with the idea that another shooter accessed and used the same gun.

The gun that was used in the deadly shooting was a Kel Tec. It was found along side a defaced 9-mm Taurus, and a .38 caliber revolver inside of a secret compartment in the 2003 Chevrolet van that drove Troy Ave to the hospital. The 9-mm Taurus was loaded with 10 rounds and the .38 was fully loaded with five hollow point bullets. The guns are currently being tested for a DNA match.

Let’s only hope that the truth will come to light at the end of it all, and that someone gets charged for the innocent life of  33-year-old Ronald McPhatter. RIP.

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