Yesterday, G.O.O.D Music President Pusha T blessed our ears with a new record, “Drug Dealers Anonymous” feat. Jay Z, the first single off his upcoming King Push album.

Jay Z took this time to spit a very lengthy verse in which he responded to the news anchor who chose to talk down on Jay and Bey about his drug dealing past. As all great rappers do, HOV put his response in the music and it was epic and naturally, the internet went wild.

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Pusha recently talked to Genius about how the HOV verse came about, saying that it came about via email, “I was coming to Los Angeles to work on the G.O.O.D. Music album and play Kanye some new things I’d been working on,” Pusha said. “I played him ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’ and I said, ‘I want Hov on this.’ He was like, ‘Oh man. That would be fire.’”

After, Pusha emailed Jay the song with a open verse for him to fill to which Jay responded, “Oh this is going to be bad. Oh this is going to be real, real bad. I’ll just blame it all on you.”

Jay wasn’t lying. If you have not heard it, check it out on BlameEbro, here.

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