The curious case of Bobby Shmurda gets stranger as the weeks roll on. Instead of being victimized by the judicial system, it seems like his lawyer is being detrimental to his case.

Bossip reports that Shmurda’s lawyer, Alex Spiro was reprimanded by a judge for missing an important hearing for the second time. The hearing is regarding Shmurda’s felony perjury and prison knife case. Reportedly the judge said that Shmurda would have to “languish in jail” until Spiro shows up.

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The worst part? When Shmurda was asked about it, he said the following:

“I called him, and he said he’s on vacation and then has a trial that starts in July,”

Judge Bruce said his staff plans to call Spiro to urge him to attend his new hearing next month, and tells Bobby he should do the same. Is this typical behavior from a lawyer fighting cases of this caliber? SMH!

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Source: Bossip

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