We were all stunned when reports came out that Tamar Braxton was fired from “The Real,” meaning we had seen the last of the outspoken Braxton on that platform. What made us scratch our heads even more was that Tamar, as well as her husband Vince, were blindsided by the sudden firing.

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Why was Tamar fired? We still don’t have a straight answer. If you let Tamar tell it, she was suddenly let go by producers and that her co-hosts are partially to blame.

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Here is what a source close to the show told The Daily Mail:

“Warner Bros initially decided to ditch Vince as an executive producer on the series and wanted to have a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ with Tamar one last time to help her keep her job. They had completed a photo shoot for Season three. Their intention was not to fire her, but because Vince was dropped as a producer he wouldn’t allow the executives to speak to his wife directly and that’s what pushed the network to not pick up her option either and can her from the show.”

Interesting. Well, below, is the “formal” statement “The Real” made about letting Tamar go:

“Tamar Braxton’s contract was not renewed for reasons that will remain privileged and private, and that are between her and the Studio. However, we would like to make it crystal clear that Ms. Braxton’s departure from the show had nothing to do with her former co-hosts; any suggestion to the contrary unfairly tarnishes them. As always, we wish Tamar and Vince all the best.”

As messy as this situation is, luckily for Tamar, she picked up a new gig with Steve Harvey. Congrats!

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