Fans had no idea what they were getting in to, as they headed to Summer Jam 2016. After inclement weather hit the New York City/New Jersey region, fans worried that the entire event would be cancelled.  Luckily, the rain stopped and though part of the show and the main show started four hours late, fans still showed up.

With all the stars in town, rumors swirled about who would be performing and making appearances.

After Maino and Uncle Murda shut down the stage, the men of G.O.O.D Music brought the show to a new, epic level.

Big Sean, who was an announced part of the evening’s line up, brought out the other front runners from the G.O.O.D Music Gang with a dope freestyle.  Just like that the tempo changed and “IT” was happening, the unpredictable magic we prayed for. Fans were brought to their feet watching the #GOODmusic show.

It was like watching a relay race of an all-star team, with the mic being passed back and forth like a baton (not literally, as they all had separate mics). Fans had to play close attention to the stage because you didn’t know who would have the heat next.

Desiigner, the newest member of the hip hop stars, shined in front of the crowd as his friends cheered him on with a performance on “Panda.”

When you throw President King Push, night-show living legend Travis Scott, Prince punch-line Hairweavekiller and Mr. ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’ himself in the mix, you have a flood that’s never going to let up

Terror Squad and Dj Khaled & friends definitely tried to match the pitch but due to time constraints no one was able to capture the same magic. Things def happened in G.O.O.D Music favor as their performance laid a huge stepping stone in building the hype for the next volume on their hit list, Cruel Winter. #SummerJam2016 was all the propaganda Ye and his talented crew needed just after “Champions” dropped Friday featuring Big Sean, Gucci Mane, Desiigner, Quavo, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, and 2 Chainz.

This is what happens when the perfect plan meets the perfect time and proper execution. Something Travis touches on when he tweets about writing the song three years ago.


If you haven’t gotten a dose yet take it all in here via Big Boy’s 92.3 Crushing the stage and leaving fans in awe with the new material plays a crucial part in keeping fans anticipation high. Best surprise on the track Thee Trap Gawd Gucci Mane, fresh out!


What have we learned— HOW successful teams continue to win.

No doubt having the chemistry is FIRST….


…..Understanding and mastering your role is second (pass the baton please)


….and allowing that energy to flow is the THIRD and MOST important ingredient!!!!


Dynamic teams thrive off energy and practice. Each player assists and dunks at the same time creating a win-win for everybody. It shows how hard they have each others back while allowing one another to shine and also showing us that it’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition within unity they share.


It doesn’t get any realer than that pushing your teammates intensity and level of play on the stage. Travis who never fails so do the unquestionable has been upped by newbie Desiigner who takes animation and eccentric moves to an unimaginable level. None the less, the magnetic energy that is  G O O D M U S I C is the reason they were the highlight of #SummerJam2016. 


From a true fan’s perspective it was nothing short magic that happened, the epitome of “Team work makes the dream work.” From the looks of everyone’s account of what took place at Summer Jam, it was a shared experience. The top 5 all took to their Instagram accounts to praise the moment in some intricate way. Gracing the stage together isn’t something that happens often for these men and we can tell it was moment well lived and cherished. As for the fans, whatever frustrations took place earlier in the day was gone once the G.O.O.D Music show at Summer Jam was under way in what kept fans on high that lasted all night long.

On my mama

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I can’t believe this shit myself sometimes

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Father stretch my hands…?: @ravieb #GOODmusic

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??? #YEEZY

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