Uber is not here for the games.

They’ve put a new policy in place that charges you an extra fee if you leave your Uber driver waiting for you more than two minutes.

This doesn’t eliminate their five minute wait policy- they’ll have to wait 3 more minutes before they’re allowed to pull away and charge you a cancellation fee.


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Still, this is upsetting to those who call an uber before they’re actually ready to go, and the fee policy has already been piloted in major cities such as NYC and Dallas.

This policy is just one of several implemented by Uber in an effort to make life a little easier for their drivers, with other policies set to roll out including more discounts, allowing drivers to apply for a company credit card, and giving drivers the ability to pause incoming requests so they can take a break.

While the late fee policy hasn’t rolled out in all cities, they are quickly adding cities in which the policy applies.

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