Harlem rapper Jay Pres has been working really hard this week, releasing a new video and EP all in one day. 

You can also hear his hunger and drive in his new freestyle/video to Drake and Future’s ‘Grammy’s’ which was released two weeks ago. Directed by Dankyman Jay the video takes place on 5th avenue in Harlem NY where he grew up at with all his close friends and rappers like Phil Walker and Kadeem King. 

Putting a creative twist on the title of his new EP ‘Sephora’ which is a popular store to buy makeup which is cover up. This 7 track EP is filled with covers to songs like Bryson Tiller’s Rambo, 112’s Only You and more.

Listen to Jay Pres ‘Sephora’ and watch his new video ‘Grammy’s’ below.

About The Author Le'Trice DeShon

26, Bronx NYC.

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