Ali, known for his love of attention and being the people’s champ, planned his own funeral.

Keeping true to his larger than life character, Ali wanted to have his funeral as soon as possible and he wanted it open to all his fans, to give them a chance to say goodbye.

Three days of funeral proceeding began yesterday with a festival called “I Am Ali,” which was held in his hometown of Louisville, KY.  Today, it will continue with a public Muslim service at the city’s Expo Center– the same expo center where he defeated Willi Besmanoff on November 29, 1961, his last fight in the city. A total of 14,ooo free tickets were made available to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

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As classless as it is, people have been trying to sell funeral tickets and according to Ali’s spokesperson Bob Gunnel, police have been going hard after scalpers, calling their behavior “despicable” and “deplorable.”

Over 18,ooo people are expected to attend the service and people of all faiths are welcome but those who identify with the Muslim faith will have priority seating.

The service will be streamed live through the Muhammad Ali Center’s website, here.

Source: CNN

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