Despite his love for the Carolina Panthers, Golden State Warriors guard and two-time reigning MVP Stephen Curry isn’t receiving the same love from his favorite team’s star quarterback.

Reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton, who spoke on WFNZ-AM radio’s The Mac Attack, said, “LeBron is [the best player]. He’s 6’7″, athletic, can do anything on the court. But LeBron is not on the best team. Going back to what I was saying, the power of team will always be better than the power of skill.”

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When further explaining his logic, Newton elaborated by saying, “A person asked me, ‘Well, is Steph Curry the best basketball player on the planet? I said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Steph Curry is the best basketball player on the best team on the planet.'”

The debate as to who the best player in the NBA is has heightened given Curry’s second consecutive MVP award, with his team leading the Cavaliers two games to one in this years NBA Finals.

James, however, has outplayed Curry, who has averaged only 16 points per game after posting 30 a night in the regular season. James is averaging 24.6 points.

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