Obama made an appearance on The Tonight Show, in which he cracked a few jokes and shared a couple laughs.

Though one thing he was serious about his was his position on Donald Trump being the GOP candidate.

He made his concerns about Trump very clear, saying:

“[We] want the Republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win. And you want folks who understand the issues. And where you can sit across the table from them and you have a principled argument. And ultimately can still move the country forward.”

He went on to say he hasn’t like some of the moves within the Republican Party for the past seven years, and saying making Trump the leader of the wouldn’t be good for the country as a whole.


Obama Says World Leaders are “Disturbed” by Trump… As They Should Be [VIDEO]

He did have some kind words for his fellow Democrats, saying that Hillary Clinton was “whip-smart” and that Bernie Sanders had “new ideas”.


You can catch the rest of Obama’s commentary on the current political state on The Tonight Show tonight !

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