In this corner coming in at 5’9,” 145 pounds from Stratford, Ontario we have Justin Beiber! In in the opposite corner coming in at… Well, much bigger than the Beibs -an unidentified man! Let’s get ready to ruuummmmmmbbbblllleeeeeee.

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Justin Bieber was in Cleveland for Game 3 of the NBA Finals and got into a street brawl after the game. Footage of the altercation shows the singer squaring up with the guy who then threw a light jab to Justin’s face. Beiber punched back and then it turned into the WWE’s Royal Rumble as multiple people jumped into the fight to break it up.

Afterwards Biebs posted a photo on Instagram, unscathed, saying, “Not a scratch on this pretty boy.” Justin might want to invest in some trainimg from his friend, Floyd Mayweather.

Watch the fight below.

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