The tragedy that happened at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL that left 50 dead, over 50 injured and the rest of the word stunned and heartbroken, is now being called an act of terrorism and is the deadliest mass shooting in the United States. This single act of violence left more people dead than past tragedies such as the Newtown shooting in 2012 and Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.

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The city of Orlando has set up a Facebook Safety Check page to check in with their loved ones in the area. It is also setting up a website with the names of the deceased but will not do so until all the families are notified.


If you are in the area and if you are not, there are still some things you can do to lend your support.

  1. Donate Blood.

This is the No.1 thing you can do of you are in the area to help save the lives of those injured. The Guardian has complied a list of all the places accepting donations. O-, O+ and AB are the most in demand blood types.  Gay men are still not allowed to donate blood.

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2.  Donate to the victims.

Equality Florida, a legal organization dedicated to advocating for the LGBT community have set up a GoFund Me page. Their goal is $500,000, so far they have raised $80k.

3. Donate to Orlando hospitals.

The wounded victims were all rushed to nearby hospitals, mostly Orlando Regional Medical Center, which is three blocks from Pulse.

If you can’t donate on any capacity, prayer always works.

Source: Complex

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