Just hours hour the massacre at a gay club in Orlando, the FBI started an investigation of a man who was arrested Sunday morning in Santa Monica, California on weapons charges. 20 year old James Howell of Indiana was found by authorities in a car full of assault weapons and stated he was on his way to a gay pride event in West Hollywood. Police said he was waiting on a friend when they found him.

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A search of the vehicle revealed multiple rifles, multiple loaded magazines taped together, and five pounds of tannerite, a substance that can be purchased at sporting goods stores for target practice, and can also be used for making a bomb.

According to the Associated Press, Howell claims he wasn’t going to the gay pride parade to do any harm. Howell’s arrest has not been linked to the Orlando mass shootings. Many cities are beginning to increase security and police presence during Pride events as a precaution for the rest of the month.

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Source: LA Times

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