Everyone has been dying to get their hands on the details of the new Kardashian baby, but Rob and Chyna aren’t giving up anything! You’re just going to have to watch their newest docu-series, Rob & Chyna. 

People revealed that the engaged and expecting couple are not telling the public anything about the pregnancy and keeping details under wraps until the show is on.

A source close to the couple said:

“Rob is still very excited about the baby. When someone asks how Chyna and the baby are doing, he smiles and says, ‘great.’ They won’t share any details. They are saving it for their show. Even when friends ask, they refer to their show and say they will share it all on the show.”

No one even knows the gender of the baby yet! Since they aren’t even telling their friends any details, they should be getting pretty good ratings on their show. The same source went on about the couple:

“Chyna would never accept money from Rob’s family. She always worked and wants to continue to find ways to make good money. She stopped doing club appearances now, so the money needs to come from somewhere else. Both Rob and Chyna are very excited about their show. They can’t wait to share everything with their fans.”


Would you be tuning in?!

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