Azealia Banks has been using Whitenicious By Dencia skin bleaching products for close to a year now. She’s been very public about her usage, however, after photos of her looking extremely lighter appeared on social media, the company publicly took credit for her new look.

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Since then, there has been tons of social media backlash about a “pro black” Banks using a product to lighten her skin. The company itself has experienced tons of backlash over the last several years for promoting self-hate with the product. The company’s spokesperson spoke exclusively to Bossip about their product and Banks’ usage.

Rebecca Matamba, stated:

“She loves Whitenicious and has tweeted about it multiple times…She is one of our many celebrity clients but she is just one of the celebrities who uses it and doesn’t care who knows,” Matamba said. “People should focus on her talent and not her skin.”

Banks has said before that she uses the producted to even out her skin tone, she has totally denied any “self hate.” See her comments below.

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