Legendary Hip-Hop DJ and and television personality Doctor Dre has battled tons of health crises since discovering he has has Type 2 diabetes a decade ago. Dre now has plans to to document his struggle with the disease and weight loss with a new reality TV show.

Shockingly, it has been discovered that the doc has been blind for three years because of the diabetes and has even began losing toes. His decision to get the surgery and begin a regimen of healthy eating was a choice for an alternative to the long term medications supplied by the pharmaceutical industry.

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“My stubbornness put me where I’m at. Now my energy is going to change that,” Dre recently told the New York Times. “We got young people, grown people, old, all having this. We can prevent this. We can cure this. I have an idea how to do it.”

We have loss so many legends like Heavy D and most recently Phife from A Tribe Called Quest, who succumbed to complications from diabetes. Hopefully Doctor Dre’s journey will encourage black and latino men to go to the doctor and stay on top of their health, which has been an ongoing issue in the urban communities.

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