Starting off with a deep breath, Ebro salutes all muslims celebrating Ramadan. Amidst all the sad energy in the morning show, the old man recommended to his listeners to put out positive energy however you can.

“What we know today is that we have witnessed the worst shooting in the history of the United States of America” – Ebro

Laura Styles, who was clearly upset, expressed how much it hit home for her. She went on to talk about her relationship with her gay friends the issues they had to face growing up. Rosenberg informed the listeners on the history of the club and expressed how he felt like it was both a Terrorist attack and a hate crime.

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Ebro then expressed the anger he had when he heard the news. He pointed out how Omar Mateen was still able to have an assault rifle after being investigated by the FBI. He asked “At one point do people step in and say ‘What are we doing”? Then he pointed out that it would of never happened with a standard handgun or shotgun.

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